Friday, May 02, 2008

Remember When This Was All Fields?

A few Saturdays ago we left the house for the town centre. As we walked up the street a group of eight nice-looking wouldn't hurt a fly young men were walking towards us. They walked up garden paths and gently posted whatever they were carrying through letterboxes. As we walked past one he smiled at us, a lovely, friendly, in love with life smile.

"I bet they're members of the Green Party," I said to Betty.

Later, when we got home, we discovered a leaflet urging us to vote Green.


Today at work we are talking about yesterday's elections.

"Did you vote?" I ask a younger colleague.

"I didn't vote but everybody I've spoken to, literally all my friends, everybody, voted for the Greens. I was speaking to Kerry this morning and she said her and Steve both voted Green too."


  1. But I bet 'Call me Dave' will claim the credit.

  2. I wish they were "Greens".

    Dave wouldn't want to be associated with any of their policies even though they're vote winners.

    On a lighter note, my mum and stepdad voted for Boris so effectively wiped out our Ken votes.

    Such is life.

  3. Gordon only made one mistake, which was taking Ken's advice last November and not calling a General Election then, which he would have clearly won and spared us all this. Now we have the cringeworthy thought of smart-arse Blair doing his "It wouldn't have happened with me at the helm" grin. I think I'm turning green already...

  4. Wouldn't it be good if the Greens won though?

  5. Murph - Blair's rictus grin as he came out of that restauarant just rubs it in that he was more a Tory than a lot of Tories.

    Billy - It would have been great.

    As for the post, for "Green" read "BNP". For "eight nice-looking young men" read "eight racist thugs", etc.

  6. Geoff:
    I hear you're a bit iffy about the second series of 'Kevin and Stacey'.

  7. I'd have voted for the Green Alligators
    not the Long Necked Geese.
    N'or Humpty Backed Camels or the Chimpanzees.

  8. Kaz - Iffy's not the word!

    Donn - The Monster Raving Loony Party might be more your thing. I might stand for them locally and goose(step) a nazi!

  9. Donn: What about the cats and rats and elephants?

    Do they not have a say in this?

  10. INT: The Boris Johnson house. Morning.

    BORIS is in bed, in his striped, brushed cotton pyjamas, under his Spongebob Smallpants duvet. He wakes.

    BORIS: Crikey, Marina, I had the most extraordinay dr... Oh fuck.

  11. MJ - The rats are back with a vengeance.

    Tim - It reminds me of the Spike Milligan sketch from Q8. "What are we going to do now? What are we going to do now? What are we going to do now?"