Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gordon's Grin

Well what a season that was! Comfortably mid-table right from the word "Go!"

No nail-biting last-week relegation scraps. No heart-stopping promotion play-offs. Just nice relaxing Sundays watching recordings of Sky's excellent Football First highlights. No Match of the Day, with its insufferable smugness and bias towards the teams at the top.

Congratulations to Stoke City on their promotion. Stoke are my second team and the team of the mother-in-law I never met but wish I could have. Gordon Banks' fantastic save from Geoff Hurst's penalty in the 1972 League Cup Semi-Final deserved a winner's medal. And they went on to beat Chelsea in the final. Yes, the great Chelsea with all their history and glamour.

Here's looking forward to next season. The Top Four will be broken. The Nouveaux Riches are coming to get you!


  1. I was pleased about Stoke - shame that Fulham scored.

  2. Top four broken?
    But which of the other teams has the money?

  3. Kaz - Maybe Geoff's talking about QPR, they now have the dosh, but we'll have to wait another season or two before they sign Ferdinand & Ronaldo.

  4. Ziggi - Surely you can't dislike a team owned by Mohamed Al Fayed and supported by Keith Allen?

    Kaz - We'll pick them off one by one. Starting with Liverpool.

    Istvanski - Iain Dowie's seen the potential. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

  5. If you stay 10th for a whole season, do you get to take the position home with you, like Brazil with the World Cup?

    And something I've always wondered - is Gordon Banks Korean?

  6. Rather than The Jules Rimet Trophy it will be called the Alan Curbishley Trophy.

    Gordon played in goal for both England and North Korea in the 1966 World Cup. For North Korea he was on the teamsheets as Bang See.

  7. can't I? Why not??

    actually does who owns a team and who else supports it and indeed how rich the team is have anything at all to do with why you support them? I fail to see the connection.

  8. You support whoever you fall in love with at 4 years old. I fell in love with Bobby Moore.

    As far as distinguishing between teams I wanted to stay up, as I think all fans and players are equal, I have to discriminate by chairmen. So you had a choice between a toupeed businessman, a pornographer and an enemy of our dear Royal Family. So I wanted Reading to stay up out of the three. Every team's got its tosspot celebrity fans. Fulham have got Keith Allen, West Ham have got Noel Edmonds and Jeremy fucking Kyle, Man Utd have got James Nesbitt and Mick Hucknall, Villa have got Nigel Kennedy, Newcastle have got Tony Blair, Liverpool and Chelsea have got too many to mention, etc.

  9. We've got Fred "HOW" Dineage, for Christ's sake.

  10. Fred Dineage reminds me of Jack Hargreaves then I think of Out Of Town and I get depressed.

  11. The Top Four will be broken - Liverpool and maybe Arsenal to slip further back towards the pack, leaving the mega-corporations to fight out a league of two.

    As a Wolves fan I can assure Stoke that finishing comfortably bottom of the Premiership is nowhere near as much fun as they might think.
    My gold and black rabble managed to miss the play-offs by a single goal - so no risk of actually going up. Phew! Looking forward to the Baggies getting hammered every week.

    And our celeb fan is lead singer of Led Zep - nothing beats that and I'll fight anyone who says different.

  12. Wolves have got the best strip but we've got David Essex who pisses all over Plant!

    Rock on!