Saturday, February 21, 2009

A BRIT of Alright

The winners of the BRIT Award For Outstanding Contribution To Road Safety, The Pet Shop Boys, were running through a medley of their songs, old and new.

"They're alright," I said to Betty. "But I prefer Suicide."

OK, I know it's not like comparing the Beatles and the Stones or the Pistols and The Clash, but I knew what I was getting at.

So glad to see Iron Maiden win Best British Live Band, not because I think they're any good or because they were the one band shortlisted I have seen live, but because the serious, heartfelt acts like The Verve, Coldplay and Elbow were beaten by votes from a devoted fanbase who follow their heroes purely to be entertained, not to feel at one with the singer onstage, having an intimate, sincere moment with Ashcroft or Martin or Garvey. Iron Maiden may be shit rock 'n' roll but at least they do rock.


  1. What about Sparks?

  2. Sparks burned themselves out recently by doing too many shows, they wouldn't have won it Bill.
    Still, more power to the metalheads, eh?

  3. I do love it when slightly mental fans completely subvert the whole voting process. Like the time Belle & Sebastian won Best Newcomer, just after they'd released their third album.

    Except that they don't really rock, do they? They sort of oscillate.

  4. What about Status Quo?

  5. I enjoyed the Belle & Sebastian-ness of it - but what are you saying Geoff? It's better to to be shit than to be sincere?

  6. Billy - Yes, I prefer Sparks, too. But maybe not Yazoo.

    Istvanski - I wouldn't want the metalheads brushed under the carpet.

    Tim - Not to mention those Radiohead fans who vote for OK Computer as best album ever :)

    MJ - The Quo rock! Apparently.

    Beth - I'm sitting here listening to Talk Talk so I don't think that. But I don't know how sincere you can be in the middle of a tour, playing the same songs night after night. My good memories of gigs are nothing to do with lyrics or the quality of the voice. They're more with following what the bassist or guitarist's doing.

  7. Pet Shop Boys weren't brilliant, particularly Andy Warhol, but preferring suicide does seem a bit drastic.

  8. We fast forwarded through U2. Would fast forwarding through your life be a form of suicide?

  9. Did you know that's why Dr Who called himself Tenant?
    He was a fan.

  10. I didn't know that. What a strange thing to do.

    Geoff Cobain

  11. Oh yeah?
    Slade would kick their ass!.

    Is Noddy still kickin?

  12. Noddy sadly died, whoops, retired in '92. Slade aren't the same without the Noddster.