Saturday, February 14, 2009

Plutonium Blondes

There's a battle going on in my head. Two songs I heard this week, each song just once, one on the tv, one on the radio. One I hate, one I love.

I wake up with the one I hate going round my head. I try to force the one I love to come to the fore. But the one I hate is always there, gnawing away.

The eighties.

So much to answer for.


  1. That Annie Lennox cover makes me extra mad as I loved the original. I do like a bit of Ladyhawke though.

  2. Hadn't heard either of these before. With a few exceptions the 80s were so musically upsetting for me,I took to listening to early country music, hog-hollerin' and jaaaazzz.

    The other day I listened to lots of Echo and the Bunnymen. What was that all about anyway?

    If I get a song stuck in my head, a chorus of 'Ring Those Christmas Bells!' from Peggy Lee usually deals with it.

  3. The second one has inserted a Gary Numan earworm in my head now Geoff. "Hear in My Ear" that is. Thanks very much for that.

  4. I had the UK entry for the Eurovision song contest stuck in my head last week, so you have my sympathy.
    The Annie Lennox track is appalling. What was she thinking? The video is hideous.

  5. Rol - She's turned an annoyingly catchy song into one that's just annoying. Ladyhawke's album was one of the best of last year.

    Arabella - The early part and the end part of the 80s were great. It all went horribly wrong in the middle, just when I was in my prime :( There's nothing wrong with listening to lots of Echo & The Bunnymen. We do the same every now and then.

    Rog - Betty reckons it sounds like the music for Harry Hill's TV Burp. Gary Numan is a god with the face of an angel.

    Scarlet - I'm glad I haven't heard all the Eurovision song yet. This is probably my favourite Annie Lennox track of all time so you can tell that I hold her in very high esteem.

  6. It's always the way Geoff!
    Funnily enough that 'Shining Light' has been going through my head today as well.
    I wonder where we caught it?

  7. I caught it at work. I was in the main office at the wrong time. It's one of those songs that really get in your head and are quite inoffensive if done by a twee indie band but extremely annoying if done by someone stuck in the 1980s.