Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Full Circle

Yes, more digs, I'm afraid.

In this week's Socialist Worker there's an in-depth article on online social networking, saying how it is the antithesis of socialism and how the lack of actual real social interaction in today's society is part of a capitalist conspiracy designed to alienate the middle classes from the working classes, keeping them in their own cliques, making them less likely to fight the Nazis and the capitalists on the streets, less likely to hold Socialist Worker placards at protest marches, less likely to fight for the right to work of the common man or woman, placated by videos of cats being abused by their cruel owners and lost in a world of masturbatory self-centred blog posts about their sad unpolitical lives.

For some time I have been sick and tired of the reactionary and wooly liberal broadsheets taking a pop at my friends and our hobbies but now the Left's blustering bullies have their foot in the door I am beginning to find the whole thing a farce of Brian Rix proportions.


  1. Maybe we should organise a blogging march?
    They are wankers, Geoff.

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  3. Right on, bruvers and sistas! We can organise the march through via the medium of Twitter.

  4. Does this mean they are finally fed up with slagging off The Workers' Revolutionary Party, The Marxist Leninists and The People's Front of Judea?

  5. It's possible Kaz. But there'll always be the Sparts to look down on.

    It's also possible, with Brian Rix in mind, I'd attend to more than one sentence droned by the revolutionary left if it was uttered by a 'bloke' in shirt tails and underpants.

  6. What these bloody Bullshitvists fail to recognise is that they are the problem!

    I for one demand to be removed from the day to day lives of these Unionistas and n'er-do-wells. Bloody whingers...why can't they just accept that they aren't as clever and handsome as those of us wallowing in the pleasant vapidity of the Middle Class?

    Is it really too much to ask?
    Go away!

  7. Scarlet - All those leftist groups are agents of the establishment.

    Istvanski - Twitter is anarchy.

    Kaz - I tell you, they're agents of the establishment. And the ICA in London is really the CIA preventing arty middle class intellectuals from revolting.

    Arabella - You can't bring humour into politics!

    p.s. Sorry if anybody thought the article exists. I was only taking the piss!

  8. I was taken in. And then I thought, wait a minute. Geoff reads Socialist Worker?

    Why are word verifications all so easy at the moment? Gates!

  9. I just assumed Betty had to use something for wrapping your sandwiches of a morning.

  10. Bob - I did sometimes buy the Morning Star from Melita Norwood. That was mainly for the daily recipe.

    Arabella - What do Socialist Workers put in their sandwiches? Cheese and pickle, I reckon.

  11. Of course socialists drink herbal tea, because proper tea is theft.

    Thanks, I'm here all week.

  12. Of course in a true socialist society we'd have plenty of time for twittering and blogging now that the Queen and Sir Fred Goodwin would be pitching in at the collective farm.

    But I wouldn't expect that Socialist Workers to realise this, allied as they are to that notorious reactionary, Leon Trotsky.

  13. Billy 1 - I always knew Tony Benn wasn't a proper socialist. All that tea!

    Billy 2 - What's the point of socialism if the workers have to work harder?