Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Highlights Of A Weather-Enforced Day Off Work

1. Loose Women. Geoffrey Hughes advertising the two-hander he's in at the Oldham Coliseum. Yes, a two-hander at the Oldham Coliseum, missus! Carol McGiffin, 48, (from Maidstone, like Chicory Tip) showing off her engagement ring like a stupid teenager. Carol was previously married to Chris Evans so let's hope she's developed taste in men over the years.

2. The BBC News and the commuter who was angry at the authorities' lack of response to the snow. "There are no gritters! It's like a third world country!" Would any of you like to suggest which third world country the South East of England resembles?

3. A search on my blog for "Lennie Peters and The Krays". "Sounds like a band," said Betty. Probably one that would play the Dirty Water Club.


  1. 1. Is there anyone who HASN'T been married to the loudmouthed egomaniac?

    2. Maybe he was confusing "gritters" with "food, water, decent plumbing, and M&S Chocolate Eclairs".

    Easily done.

  2. What we needed was some gritty determination.

  3. All I’ve got for you today from my Google searches is “pic of Mick Hucknall with dreadlocks” and that perennial favourite, “Helen Worth topless.”

  4. *checks again*

    Add "How big is Will Mellor's cock?" to that list.

  5. I googled Geoffrey Hughes - you should have said it was 'Eddie Yates'.
    Somehow I think he'll fit in well at the Oldham Coliseum.
    I'll give it a miss.

  6. They should say: We can have more gritters, but it'll mean putting your council tax up.

    That'll learn 'em.

  7. Rol - 1. At least Carol was around about his age. Poor Billie Piper was a spring chicken. 2. And freezing cold with burning hot.

    Rog - They were going to do another Bob The Builder type show for the kids. But "Gary Gritter" didn't go down too well with focus groups.

    MJ - Will Mellor's member is about as long as Gail's chin.

    Kaz - "Eddie Yates" or "Twiggy" in The Royle Family. They were saying on Loose Women how everybody loved the Christmas show and that the one with Nana's death was a real classic. I almost threw my welly at the telly. The Oldham Coliseum sounds very grand. Do they have chariot racing there?

    Billy - Taxes up? This isn't Denmark, you know! This is a third world country!

  8. Shouldn't we be out raising money so that we can send gritters to third world countries?

  9. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I love watching Carol McGiffin. I love how woolly and uninformed her opinions are and how she feels, vaguely, that things should be as liberal as possible so long as things do not go bad because of it; that people should not have limits imposed upon them by external sources although, *giggles*, clearly people should impose suitable limits upon themselves. I love the fact that she spends all her time drinking, having sex and talking about it on Loose Women because, that way, I know for sure she's not having any influence on anything that actually matters :)

  10. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Oh, and by far the most intriguing google search I've ever found has to be 'obesity because washer machine no hanging clothes'. No one believed the problem was glandular...

  11. Scarlet - Do They Know It's Snowing?

    Fathorse - Welcome. Carol's very opinionated, isn't she? And Betty was saying last week how she keeps going on and on about her much younger boyfriend. Experiencing it for myself was not pleasant.

  12. The residents of this cul-de-sac were trapped. Except for those with 4WD. It was impossible to get up the mild incline to the junction.

    Plenty of time to update my websites and catch up on some reading!

  13. It's coming back tomorrow and Monday. Hallelujah!