Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dead Of Night

At 2 o'clock this morning, Lord Tebbit rose from his coffin and spoke into his dictaphone, accusing the BBC of double standards after the corporation had sacked Carol Thatcher from The One Show after she had referred to a tennis player as a "golliwog" in the green room.

"It seems very odd that (Jonathan) Ross can be back broadcasting having made obscene insulting remarks on the air, and Carol Thatcher, who said something which is ALLEGEDLY highly offensive BUT WHICH I RATHER DOUBT WAS MEANT TO BE SO, in private, should be banned. It is probably a bit of a way for the BBC to get back at Carol's mother."

Speaking as a licence payer, Norm (as I'm sure you'd want me to start), now the annoying bitch has proved herself to be racist I never want to see or hear her on the BBC ever again. If the BBC had wanted to get back at Carol's mother they would hardly have employed the twat in the first place. And no, I don't like cricket, but if I did I'd support the West Indies just to spite you, you small-minded little Englander prick of a man.


  1. You say that you don't want to listen to her now that she has proved that she is a racist. She has proved herself, repeatedly, to be a bigoted, talentless moron for a great many years. What has been the attraction until now?

  2. I'd only ever seen her with the sound turned off as I'd assumed she'd be bland and boring and her voice would remind me of her mother. For all I knew she could have been a socialist.

    The BBC is awash with talentless morons.

  3. I believe prince Harry is free after Chelsy dumped him.
    It could be a match made in heaven - Carole and Harry can talk about P@kis and G0llywogs all night long.

  4. Whoops, I'm out of step on this one.
    I'm thinking its time we stopped getting offended by stuff like this. Who really gives a shit! If you come from Sweden you are a swede, so what's the problem if you come from Pakistan - I just don't get it! And are we all going to pretend golliwogs didn't exist, cos they did and they did look like some people look - it doesn't make sense to me.
    I think it's high time we stopped being so sensitive about race, and started getting on with the fact we are all human beings.
    Jeez, am I agreeing with Norman Tebbit?
    Dare I post this?

  5. Kaz - He could do with a woman of experience. Experience of being privileged, of course.

    Tom - I don't think the word "Swede" has ever been used with racist intent. The people who may look like golliwogs are the blackface minstrels who the dolls were originally based on. Have you ever seen eyes like that on a human being? My mum agrees with you, Tom. Nowadays there's too much political correctness, apparently. Well, I don't see enough of it.

  6. Apparently the BBC only sacked Thatcher as revenge for her mother, as of course they're all left-wing homosexuals or something. Forgetting the fact that if they really hated Thatcher they wouldn't have offered her a job in the first place.

  7. The One Show gave jobs to both Thatcher AND Gyles Brandreth. If they're trying to be balanced, Adrian Chiles must be a Trotskyist.

  8. Hendrix was right after all when he said "Voodoo Chiles".

  9. The BBC really can't do ANYTHING right, can it (the Terry Pratchett stuff on Radio 7 excepted)?
    They employ Carol Thatcher (ex-Daily Mail hack, daughter of Britain's most unpleasant Prime Minister of modern times, daughter of that great friend of apartheid Denis, sister of the organiser of right-wing coups) and the stupid pillocks hold their hands up in horror when it turns out she's not exactly PC. Jeez!

    I don't know exactly what was said, but I'm led to believe Adrian Chiles reported the comment to his bosses. I've met him a few times and, despite being a Baggies fan, he seems a down-to-earth and sensible bloke who wouldn't do that unless it was genuinely shocking.

    For the record. Golliwogs are an insulting parody of Afro-Caribbean people used as an instrument of power by those who would oppress them. And, yes, gollies used to exist, but so did slavery, the workhouse, ricketts, the British Empire...

  10. Rog - Good on yer, Adrian.

    Malc - You put it better than me. There may be a slight association between the doll and the offensive term "wog". Some twat in the Metro letters today said "The Australians call us poms, the Americans call us limeys and some black people call each other the N-word, which I think is offensive. Carol Thatcher did not mean to cause offence." So a white person calling a black person a wog is not offensive but a black person turning a racist term into one of pride is? There really are some stupid white people around.

    wv - bless

    Is someone humouring me?

  11. Are you having another snow day?

  12. There may be one on Monday.

    You Canadians don't know what real snow is!