Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twitter Ye Not!

I'm having a bit of a blogging break, just getting into the Twitter thing that's sweeping the nation because everybody wants to arselick celebrities like Fry and Ross.

Well, I wouldn't recommend any of the celebrity ones. They're deadly dull. Except for Calvin Harris (oh come on, you know Calvin Harris!), who makes me laugh. Musicians have always been more entertaining than so-called comedians.

Anyway, I'm over here and Betty's over here if you want a peek. If you haven't joined yet, come and join us (as the Salvation Army officer said to the actress).


  1. Goodness me! I have a hard enough job keeping up with blogger!

  2. It is hard to arselick when you're limited to 140 characters.

  3. What exactly does 'from web' mean?

  4. I feel I don't know you anymore, Geoff.

  5. Am I the last to join this latest bandwagon? I even tried it, and found it to be of no use whatsoever.
    I don't care what people are doing. It is the stuff that they make up that is more interesting.
    Apart from MJ of course, her diary is very interesting, if prosaic.

  6. Scarlet - You don't have to be a bit manic, but it helps.

    Billy - I wonder if the popular ones receive emails notifying new followers?

    Kaz - As opposed to from mobile phone or from flash software that organises your Tweets.

    MJ - I'm still the same old Geoffrey. Most of my new friends aren't new but they're old bloggers.

    Vicus - I don't say much of what I'm doing. I'm just letting off steam so my blog can be a haven of peace. MJ's diary is kept secret from me from 9-5.

  7. Twitter bad. Word limits? Bah!

  8. I just post one straight after another.