Saturday, September 23, 2006

Classified Results

The Office 6, Extras 8

Ex-public schoolboy Joe Strummer 2, Ex-public schoolboy Nick Lowe 8

New Labour 1, Lib Dems 1

Liverpool 2, Man U 5

Atheism 10, Agnosticism 4

Work 3, Home 10

Prague 7, Bruges 9

Tea 7, Coffee 0

Wool 8, Polyester 0

Trifluoperazine 10, Duloxetine 0

Sherlock Holmes 10, Doctor Who 0

White Wine 7, Red Wine 10


  1. Are you sure you heard the Holmes/Who result right?

  2. I'd rather watch Doctor Kildare than Doctor Who.

  3. One score draw and I fucking missed it!

  4. I can tell you the red wine won out last night.

  5. Tom - It was going to be a goalless draw but each side has a few decent players.

    MJ - Same here.

  6. Well apart from The Doctor/Holmes which is a score draw on my coupon and the drugs (pools panel, no score draw), I'm with you on all the others.

  7. It could get interesting next week when wool plays the Lib Dems and Sherlock Holmes is away to Trifluorperazine. Also that crucial Polyester v Prague fixture.

  8. Imagine if Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who teamed up to fight crime. That'd be amazing.

  9. Shouldn't that be:
    Liverpool 0 Everton 3!!!

  10. Richard - 2 score draws? Not as big a payout as mine.

    Murphmeister - Trifluoperazine played coffee the other week. It was a game of two halves - first half played at a frantic pace but then the Trifles got on top and slowed things down to a snail's pace. The tea/Duloxetine fixture was abandoned because of high winds.

    Billy - But who would you have playing them? I'd have Russ Abbott and Timmy Mallet.

    Kaz - Now now, we don't want to upset Tom. I chose Liverpool and Man U because they are two of the big four. Can't for the life of me think who the other two are. Is it Portsmouth and....?

  11. Sorry Richard, yours is a bigger payout.

    Ignore me - back to work tomorrow.