Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sir Simon Rattled

The BBC today announced that it will not be broadcasting this year's Last Night Of The Proms and will instead show a live performance by Jools Holland and His Rythmn and Blues Orchestra recorded at the Croydon Fairfield Halls in October 2002.

Jools is joined by Sam Brown, Beverley Knight, Chris Difford and Suggs for a high octane mix of rythmn and blues, soul, and country. The performance highlights include Difford's slow, sensitive version of Squeeze's Cool For Cats, Sam Brown's 1988 white soul chart success, Stop! and an upbeat ska skanker specially written for the show by Jools and Suggs, Night Train To Chelmsford.

Sir Simon Ohm, the UK's leading conductor of his generation, told Talksport Radio this morning, "I am extremely disappointed that the BBC should pull the climax of the Classical Music Season from its schedules. They say that our music does not get the audiences any more! But tell me, would the people of Britain really rather see poor imitations of black American and Jamaican music played and sung by a bunch of overpaid middle-aged pub-rockers? Once again this is the decision makers at the BBC riding roughshod over those of the Great British Public with discerning musical taste. In short, they are treating us like cunts."


  1. The only time I have ever felt sorry for the crowd at Glastonbury is when Jools Holland is on stage. You sit through torrential rain and bathe in excrement, for this? Boogie Woogie on down.

  2. Did he really say the c word?
    I can't be doing with Jools Holland since I found out that his New Year's eve show is recorded weeks in advance.

  3. I wish they would pull Last Night of the Frigging Proms.

    I find it even more offensive than Jools' boogie-woogie, and that's saying something.

  4. Rule Fucking Brittania, I fucking hate it. And what's with waving that stupid little stick around - how can he call them cunts? The fucking cunt!
    God, Pete and Dud were good weren't they.
    Now I'm fucking angry!

  5. I'd rather they pulled Eastenders. What a load of wank that is.

    I was watching the football last night and Peter Crouch apparently got "a tug in the box". This was after the watershed.

  6. I'd like to see a boogie-woogie version of Rule Britannia. I wonder if it will make me more or less likely to want to stick cocktail sticks in my eyes.

  7. Rob - I've had so many goes at Jools on my blogs, I'm beginning to feel a bit sorry for him. I'm sure he reads this so I think I owe him an apology.

    Kaz - Sir Simon really did say the c word. I blame Gordon Ramsey for all this effing and jeffing nowadays.

    Spin - When BBC4 first started the advertising blurb was "a place to think". Last Night of the Proms makes me think what a load of old shit patriotism is. I've nothing against classical music, just that I don't understand most of it. A bit like Shakespeare, really.

    Tom - Ah, the baton. I'd like to see the bastards try it with a big French stick from ASDA.

    Richard - Caught a snatch the other night. Is Phil Mitchell turing into Michael Elphick? He was taking up 90% of our wide screen. I started watching the football last night. Crouchy was dragging down defenders like he was pulling conkers off a tree. Then he has the bloody gall to complain to the referee when he gets rightly penalised.

    Billy - I'd like to see Jools' ska version of Jerusalem. No, not really, I'd rather see The Fall do it on an annual BBC concert.

    MJ - Yes. The lot of 'em.

  8. Nationalism? Jingoistic arsewipery, all that bollocks with the flags, worse than fuckin' football. No need to pity Jools, he's a cunt. And his shows are full of cunts. He even makes cool people look cunts on his show.

    Don't do anything with a baton from ASDA. Other than use it as a Robert Mapplethorpe tribute with Jools Holland.

    Christ, Tom's right, we owe D&P a fuckin' shedload.

    I love the idea of a conductor, in tails et al, addressing people as "You cunts". A certain je ne sais quoi.

    Who the fuck is interested in Beverley fucking Knight?

    Sorry, I'll fuck off now and scrawl obscenities across my own blog.

    xhuszu - Hittite for Jools Holland.

  9. Thank you, Krusty. I've got a meeting with Yentob in the morning and I'll put your suggestions to him.

    I can still feel an apology coming on, though.

  10. I've refrained from actually saying anything about The Last Night, or even Jools because, damnit, I've nothing against either. I can't see that it's anything worse than following a particular football team with any fervour and unless one follows Chelsea or Man U, nobody minds that. The thing about the Proms is that it's meant to be about making music accessible to everyone. Tradition dictates that it's classical music but it needn't be, that wasn't the ethos at all. I'll listen to anything* if it's done well, even The Fall, although it's debatable what one judges them against.

    *Maybe not Phil Collins

  11. Judging The Fall against Jools, if Mark E Smith is Brian Clough, Jools is Dave Bassett.

    And who do we get all the fucking time?

    Dave fucking Bassett.

  12. Don't get me onto Ricky Tomlinson.