Friday, September 22, 2006

Lavas' Retreat

We've got the travelling bug.

Today, I booked next year's holiday.

We're going to Moulton-Under-Foot, famously known as the Pompeii of the Cotswolds.

We will be staying in a lovely little 15th century cosy cottage with a 'wood burning effect' stove and a 5" Four-Poster Bed.

The owners live at the bottom of the garden in a brand new complex.


  1. They live at the bottom of the garden? Are they Flowerpot men? Or fairies, perhaps?

  2. They're a lovely couple, members of the very exclusive Moulton Fairies Golf Club. There are 18 holes in their neighbours' garden. And it's not rabbits.

  3. Ooh you must pop in for a cup of tea!

  4. Is Moulton - under any relation to Michael Foot?
    I think a 5" poster bed would sound better in metric - but I don't know the conversion factor for a 'post'.

  5. Thank you, Jools. As long as it's made with Moulton milk.

    Kaz - I think the Foots may be from there originally. Or should that be the "Feet"? 5" is what it said in the brochure. Anybody seen Spinal Tap?