Sunday, September 03, 2006

Radio Times - Part The Two

What's going on with Me and Mrs Jones?

Heart 106.2...

...favourite radio station of women in offices and Martin (17) and Ronnie (20), air conditioning installers to offices staffed by women, of course...

...plays this song at the same time every day, afternoon tea time, when the ladies have a little time to dream of a naughty six-thirty mug of skinny latte at Starbucks with George Clooney or Bill Ward.

To dream of coffee whilst drinking tea.

Does the DJ listen to the records he plays? Is he dreaming of an extra-marital assignment with our office Mrs Jones, you know, the one with RSI, HRT, and a golf-obsessed husband?

Or is he re-reading those notes he made all those years ago, the notes that keep him on the straight-and-narrow-deejaying track and stop him mutilating the Heart studio and its hundred CDs, the notes that tell him it's only a job, it is not a prison and he's getting paid damn good money for such little effort and thank his lucky stars he's not nine to fiving for a living?

Me, me and Mrs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones,
Mrs Jones got a thing going on
We both know that it's wrong
But it's much too strong to let it cool down now

Drink it while it's hot, then.


  1. For my next streeter, I want to be identified, like Miss Fox, as "lady of leisure."

  2. DJs LISTENING to the records? Whatever next?

    I'm no expert on Heart, but I frequently pass by Steve Wright in the afternoon. There's a man who's so disinterested in the music that he consistently talks over the best bit, always fades them (with more talking) before the end, and never bothers to tell you what you've just been listening to.

    Actually there are two types of DJ: broadcasters (who think they're important) and Disc Jockeys (who think the music's important, and usually only get on late at night).

  3. MJ - Me too.

    Mark - Steve Wright's hilarious comments on TOTP2 always crack me up. I can just imagine what he's like on Drivetime or wherever he is now. I think I'd probably crash the car, I'd be laughing so much. The in-car CD player has really made a big difference to the quality of my car life.

  4. I don't think they actually have such a thing as a CD player in a Heart studio. Their whole music collection is on one of those 256mb MP3 players.

    Oh dear, I actually quite like Steve Wright. I don't much care for the music, and I agree he talks over and hardly mentions the titles and the non-stop oldies are neither but I like a dab of ribaldry now and again.

    I sometimes listen to Radio 4 on the Long Wave and try to guess what's being said when we go under a bridge.

  5. Geoff, is this blog a sort of media based thing - just need to know in case I make inappropriate comments about other stuff. I know very little about the media, but also about other stuff too, so whatever comment I make will inevitably be bollocks.
    What I am saying, of your five blogs is one of the others a more suitable platform for my irrelevant comments to find an outlet

  6. Richard - 256MB? Sounds about right.

    Tom - This is the only one of my blogs still going. It used to be purely about telly but now I put any old shit on it, including real-life diary type posts. You are welcome to make as many comments as you wish even if you only type the word "bollocks". Nine times out of ten you would be right.

  7. Bollocks. You left it wide open for someone to come along and write it. Besides that it's such a good strong word that I welcome any excuse at all to use it ;) .

  8. Cheers, Lee.

    Can I nick the first 4 words of the name of your blog and rename mine?