Saturday, September 23, 2006


Listening to Bob's Cod Pod Cast (I know, Scritti Politti are too classy to be cod reggae)......

(By the way, I STILL don't know where the "cod" comes from in cod reggae. I know cooked cod is white, but is there any black fish to contrast?)

......I am inspired to reminisce about a man from my past.


He was a small man. A bespectacled Ronnie Corbett-like who was married to a friend of my mother's. He was probably about the age I am now. I think the couple were childless. Just like us.

'Ronnie' was a friendly chap. He took me to play golf. And he invited our family round for afternoons in their fashionable seventies living room, possibly with drinks for the adults, I can't remember.

But I do remember his record collection.

He had every Judge Dread (I hope you're mature enough to keep your eyes on the audience in this video) album, and nothing else. This probably meant only a few records, but I remember it as a substantial collection.

He would play them to us. And laugh. Tears of joy would roll down his face at each double entendre, at each blatantly rude verse. Because Dread was rude. And little 'Ronnie' had a rude sense of humour.

We were not an uptight family. But suddenly the visits stopped.

Had 'Ronnie' suggested a more adult party without us kids? A Judge Dread themed party? With shed keys thrown in the middle of the room?

I don't want to know.


  1. I didn't know Judge Dread but I knew people who did (he was from my part of Kent) and nobody had a bad word to say about him as far as I can remember. We didn't have any of his records at the hospital radio in Ashford.

  2. Was he popular in Jamaica? He's on a couple of Trojan albums we own.

    Did you DJ, Richard?

  3. I think he actually was quite popular in Jamaica. Or rather a couple of his numbers were. Not sure how he would have gone down there.

    I did it for about a year or so. Listenership probably zero but it was good fun.

  4. I 'dread' to think!