Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where's You Bin?

These are bins for compostable waste. We used to have one. We used it once, then it disappeared.

These two bins are in two parking spaces in our cul-de-sac. They are there to stop parents parking as they drop off/pick up their children at/from the primary school 100 yards away.

The bins have become a constant feature, taking up space designed for cars. The cul-de-sac itself was constructed in 1992, from land previously belonging to the council as part of the school's playing fields.

The ex-footballer Gavin Peacock went to this school and may well have honed his skills near where the bins now stand. Maybe he should take a nostalgic trip and have a kickabout with me, using the bins as goalposts.

Don't worry about the school, by the way. They've still got a reasonably large playing field and their playground has been recently tarmacced. The boys play football on the now dry tarmac with light, airy, fluffy balls which they kick over the fence on purpose whenever an adult passes by on their way to the shops.

I'm in an awfully wistful mood today, which I am blaming on the new antipsychotics and my current listening choice of Francis Lai.

I'm listening to Francis Lai and I think I'm going to cry.

Boo hoo.

Hoo boo.

Boo hoo hoo.

Hoo boo hoo boo.

Boo hoo hoo hoo.



  1. We can be shot for putting compostable waste in our dustbin.

  2. it looks as if Bill and Ben will pop out at any minute.
    Or maybe Bill and Bin.

  3. Richard - We have such a small amount of waste it doesn't really seem necessary to have such a big bin.

    Kaz - That's more than a Little Weed behind them.

  4. We can recycle everything on our doorsteps in Crewe. We've got a bin for everything, 4 of them: paper, cardboard and plastic, compostable and normal shit.In fact, everything except glass. So I sent all my bins back except the shit one because a) I've nowhere to put them anyway and b) if I've still got to take the glass to Tescos I might as well take the whole lot down the tip every week. Gavin Peacock would have to revert to a holding midfield role if he was learning here now as there's nothing to aim at.

  5. Life is a cul-de-sac with a recycling bin at the end.

    Francis Hoo?

  6. We used to have an IT bloke at work back in the 80s called Steve Lai. He was from Brunei and his catchphrase was "Put it on a froppy"

  7. Murphmeister - Welcome. Francis Lai is a French film soundtrack composer. He did Love Story and Un Homme Et Une Femme. That is no word of a Lai.

    Richard - God, I miss Benny Hill.

  8. oh, you poor thing,do you need a tissue? sob sob ;).

  9. Put it on a Froppy!
    The answer to a nation's ills. I will be saying that all day now!