Sunday, February 24, 2008

500 Miles

The short documentary on Edwyn Collins' rehabilitation from his stroke was extremely moving. It's sister programme about the Scottish music scene from the late seventies was a load of shit.

I was ready to learn about Postcard Records and Scotland's indie heritage. What we got instead was an early dismissal of indie labels by Claire Grogan and a dispiriting trawl through 80s bollocks such as Hue & Cry, Deacon Blue, The Proclaimers, Wet Wet Wet et al. They even tacked on fucking Scottish political independence and the SNP and the bloke out of Runrig, none of which has anything to do with the music scene but more to do with washed up minor pop artists trying to keep their names in the media as some sort of spokespeople for a generation of people with crap music taste.

There was no mention of The Skids, the early good Simple Minds and absolutely no mention of Jesus & Mary Chain or even Primal Scream.

How can Edith Bowman live with herself for reading the script that made Scottish music sound about as vibrant as Ireland's?


  1. Ah Claire Grogan: wanted to slap her then; want to slap her now.

  2. I had a friend who was in love with her and would watch Gregory's Girl on a loop. I never saw the attraction myself, what with her silly little voice. Give me Chrissie Hynde's voice any day.

  3. I wasn't aware of Collins' stroke.
    Bloody shame.
    Claire Grogan - bloody shame she exists.
    I've been too busy looking forward to Brucie's birthday do.
    "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday..."

  4. I thought the stuff about Postcard was wonderful, and it was good to see The Associates getting their due (Rankine's looking a bit bedraggled, though). And then, as you say, it just got stupid. Maybe they thought the Proclaimer Reid brothers were the same people as the J&MC ones.

    Bis? The Delgados? Arab Strap?

  5. Edith Bowman's is the voice that says "We live electricals" for COMET.
    However she manages to live with herself - she must do it in comfort.

  6. Istvanski - I didn't realise Claire Grogan was so unpopular.

    Tim - The Associates are the best Scottish band of all time. Except for maybe the Dragoon Guards. I was pissed off there was no Delmontes. Del Amitri my arse.

    Kaz - What with Maconie doing DFS, Radio 1 deejays have got home furnishings and appliances all sewn up.

  7. Popped in Souled Out was a perfect pop CD.

  8. Wot Wot Wot, Murph?

  9. Erm...Teenage Fanclub? Big Country? The Pastels? Annie Lennox? The Rezillo's?

    I used to live opposite Clare Grogan in Kilburn in the late 80's - she was very bouncy and quite loud I seem to recall. I never liked her as I was secretly jealous only because every time I saw her thrashing around with her annoying baby voice on Top of the Pops I knew I could do so much better - and that is saying something.

  10. Actually Geoff - that isn't Stuart.
    Even his dad found it hard to believe.

  11. Romo - They did have one of the Fannies on but they didn't mention the rest. I'm not sure they knew what they were trying to do. Like Robbie Williams, Claire Grogan should have been a tv presenter, not a singer.

    Kaz - Who is it then? Someone from Radio Lollipop? An Adrian Juste to Maconie's Kenny Everett?

  12. Tha Proclaimarghrs argh coamin' heeeargh tu Weeeneepegh!

    Did shew mention the Soundtrack to Braveheart?

    *runs away

  13. They take it in turns to wear the contact lenses. You never know which one's which.

  14. The Postcard stuff was OK, such as it was, but you're right about the glaring omissions elsewhere.

    I saw Josef K play in Handsworth of all places (1980?). The single most embarrassing gig I've ever been to. Audience of six. Three New Romantics dressed as Samurai warriors, a punk with the most extreme Mohican I've ever seen, me and my new girlfriend - she was so impressed.

    It's sad about Edwyn Collins, but Orange Juice were on a rerun of Top of the Pops 2 last night and Rip It Up was a dismal ditty.

  15. I bought a Fire Engines single and an Orange Juice single. I didn't have the funds to buy albums back then.

    Recently we've got compilations by Josef K and Fire Engines and have just ordered an Orange Juice one. It's the sound of Young Scotland, you know.