Monday, February 18, 2008

The Bowls Trip

"The raffle causes more problems than anything. The trouble is, as soon as one year's trip is over, Alf is on the phone asking how many people for next year's. It's what he lives for now.

You've got to feel sorry for him. He must have had a stroke - he talks out of the side of his mouth and dribbles everywhere. His jacket and shirt are covered in saliva. You don't want to brush up against him, although he does have a tendency to get a little close for comfort when coming round with the raffle tickets.

This year we had a little altercation. We missed out on the raffle tickets; we weren't in the bar, we were in the lounge. Alf's 80 year old pitbull assistant started hassling and we gave him some good tempered banter in reply. The pitbull took offence. He didn't like being spoken to like that.

We were eventually worn down and bought some tickets. We won the £6 prize but Len, the organiser of the trips, has funny turns and he tore up our winning ticket.

But good-hearted Len told Alf what he'd done. Alf came to our table and took six pound coins from his pocket and put them beside my drink. The coins were stuck together, covered in an unknown bodily fluid.

I went to the Ladies and washed the coins and my hands with soap and water. I dried them under the warm air hand dryer."


"You must get a hobby when you retire, Geoff."


  1. "he talks out of the side of his mouth and dribbles everywhere."

    We once had a Prime Minister like that.

  2. But was he in charge of the raffle?

  3. But will your winnings change your life Geoff?

  4. I'd spend, spend, spend!

  5. I have a fairly good idea what that mystery fluid was because if watching CSI on the telly has taught me anything, it is that the entire world seems to be covered in semen.

    That's why those UV glasses are so unpopular.

  6. A dog writes: The 80 year old pitbull assistant is actually only 10 years old.

    Anyway you should merely have enquired "Do you come here often?"

  7. HE - Semen in his pocket? A man of advanced years? How much do you produce in your old age?

    Murph - It wasn't me, it was my mother and stepfather. Honest. I'm not into rolling my wood up to the jack yet.

  8. "he talks out of the side of his mouth and dribbles everywhere."

    Charlton? Moore? Best?

    And eeeuw to the gob-covered coins.

  9. Best dribbled all his life.