Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Austen Allegro

We are watching BBC4's Saturday Classics season, catching up on all the stuff we missed first time round.

Last night we finished watching the production of Pride and Prejudice which got a lot of dotty women hot under the brassiere when it was first shown in the 90s. In it, Mr Darcy is truly one dark, brooding cunt.

And there was something we noticed that even the most avid Austen fan might have missed. It seems that in Austen adaptations, the heroes dress to the right whilst the villains dress to the left.

Did Jane stipulate in her will such fine details for any future theatrical productions of her work?

Or is it a costume drama convention?


  1. I've never noticed that before. Next time a costume drama is on I know where I'll be looking.

  2. I've only watched for this in footballers when I yell, "Offside!"

  3. I confess to not noticing. But I dress on both sides.
    Unless my memory deceives me, the only thing that Jane wrote on this matter was in "Northanger Abbey", when one of the characters exclaimed "Knobs out for the girls".
    I hope that this helps.

  4. Billy - I don't know about prejudice, but the two grooms were very proud at the end of this production.

    MJ - That's the offside rule in a nutshell. It's offside if it's uncomfortable.

    Vicus - Dressing on both sides is indicative of a split personality. I'll look out for Northanger Abbey in the hope that there might be a few tits on show too.

  5. Anonymous5:15 PM

    The left side is the sinister side.

  6. The Villain always positions his CADpiece to the Left.

    You might also be interested to note that the Heroine will most assuredly position her bosom at 9&3o'clock,
    Matron's at 8&4,
    while the Villainess brazenly displays her wares ar 11&1.

  7. Austen Allegros indeed!

    The nob veering to the right should be tactfully referred to as "the Gary Bushell".

  8. Bob - Never trust a leftie.

    Homey - It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a nice girl with a big pair of knockers.

    Murph - For cricketers with such a preference it is Bushell in the Box.

  9. Had this post been about Austin Allegros it would have been one of those rare occasions when I could have joined in with a meaningful contribution. As it is, dressing to the right or left is not something I know much about. However, I do know why Victor Silvester wears baggy trousers.

  10. Something to do with ballroom?

    If I could even feign an interest in cars my life would have been much easier.

  11. Geoff, yes, because he needs more ballroom, but the version I prefer is, because he comes dancing.

  12. I thought that was Brucie.

  13. Darn - now I'm going to end up crotch-watching!