Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We are enjoying the third episode of the BBC2 repeat of BBC3's excellent comedy, Pulling. I laugh out loud when Karl accidently gives himself a Hitler moustache. I laugh again as he is run over, lifts his arm for help and gets a smack in the mouth for being a nazi. And I laugh when he realises he has landed in dog shit, this time with recognition.

"We've seen this bit before," I say to Betty.

"This was the programme that Ian Penman recommended on his blog. He said that some BBC3 comedies aren't given the accolades they deserve because of the critics' snobbishness towards the channel. We tried to watch this episode at the time. You said it was shit, ha ha ha."

"Oh yes," I say, "I remember."

"There's a bit later where they play The Smiths when he's feeling suicidal. You thought it was too obvious."

"Oh yes," I say. "And here I am enjoying it."

"Ha ha ha."

"I did the same with the Sopranos, didn't I? I said the first episode was too slow until you started watching it. Now I think it's the best thing ever."

"And The Wire," says Betty.

"Did I?"

"You were going to give that up after 20 minutes."

"Was I?"

"Ha ha ha. And you laughed out loud at the Hitler moustache last time too. Did you forget that?"

"Ha ha ha."

N.B. The ha ha ha's in this post signify actual laughter, not cruel mockery.


  1. You're fickle Geoff. I bet you are besotted with Coldplay and Chris de Bergh by now...

  2. I'm not quite that much of a turncoat, Murph.

    But I didn't like Love, Joy Division or the Manic Street Preachers when I first heard them.

    Then I saw the light.

  3. I hated Radiohead & Kate Bush until I saw the light. Acquired taste like Shepherd Neame Ale I suppose...

  4. Apart from Early Doors and Oasis (just said that to annoy you) I'm the same.

  5. I've never seen any light. I've been listening to heavy metal all my life.

  6. Murph - Kate Bush and Shepherd Neame I could tolerate but now I love. Radiohead were the other way round.

    Kaz - The only thing I've never liked about Early Doors is that awful music over the credits.

    Istvanski - You saw the light in the delivery room. And the light was ROCK!

  7. Anonymous7:40 PM

    "The ha ha's in the post," is what I say when someone thinks they're being funny.

    *sigh* For one brief shining moment it became easier to post comments on blogger using my wordpress id. Now it's got more complicated than ever.

  8. I think I'm missing something. This Pulling: is it a Father Ted tribute act?

  9. You are a Programmer's Wet Dream!

  10. Bob - I'll have to remember that one. Except it's more likely to apply to myself than anybody I'm talking with.

    Tim - It's a different kind of Hitler moustache joke. I really tried to like Father Ted but it just didn't work for me. I think I need to go on an evening class where they teach appreciation of hip comedies.

    HE - I know! Gimmee more repeats!

  11. *ticks "not applicable" box from Canada*

    Maybe 5 years down the line this will show up on BBC Canada.

  12. Hello Geoffster. I like to think of you two sitting there giggling at the TV. We often tell fibs to people about watching TV, never admitting to the moment when we fall upon old re-runs of The Two Ronnies and falling about. Secret passion for Les Dawson too. He seemed like a genuinely lovely bloke. Ah, they don't make 'em like they used to...or maybe they do.

    Hope you are both fine and dandyxx

  13. MJ - It would grace the Canadian airwaves.

    Molly - We usually laugh at the same things though sometimes I don't get those northern accents. You can't beat The Two Ronnies except for little Ronnie's story when you go to make a cup of tea. I think I'd appreciate Les more now than I did way back then. Good to hear from you, hope you are well too.