Saturday, February 09, 2008

Would It Be Too Much To Ask To Play It On A Saturday?

The most embarrassing thing to come out of West Ham's Pardew era was not losing to a Neil Shipperley (for Christ's sake) goal in the play-off final. It was those fucking t-shirts.

I loved Bobby Moore. But those fucking t-shirts, "Moore Than Just A Football Club". What a half-arsed wanky piece of disrespectful advertising. Pardew looked a prick in his and so did anyone else who bought one.

So to tomorrow. We've had all week to remember the Busby Babes. We had our minute's silence before the England game. But tomorrow's the Manchester derby. Manchester united in remembrance. Will the City fans cry? Did the Everton fans cry when Liverpool remembered Hillsborough? Did Bradford Park Avenue fans cry on the anniversary of City's fire? Remember that horrific day?

In the week that the cunts in charge of our national game get erect penises over fucking even more with its history, we've all got to tune into Sky tomorrow, God's day of rest, to cry over something that happened before a lot of us were born. And the players are wearing a special 1950s kit with, get this, no advertising! What a mark of respect! Long, baggy shorts, v-necked shirts, big, clunky boots smeared with dubbin, a ball as hard as a coconut, half-time cigarettes and cups of tea in a steaming dressing room.

It's the no advertising on the shirts that really brings a tear to my eye, though. I hope they'll be on sale afterwards. I want to look like Gary Neville.


  1. No advertising?!
    La di frickin' da.

    Does this mean that the skinhead hooligans will be wearing toupées and shirts with buttons?

  2. Yay for balls as hard as coconuts.

    Who is that oddly-coiffed fellow in purple above me? He looks rather poncey.

  3. LT (Lawn Tennis?) - We ought to have a memorial match to the Skinhead Hooligan. I think they're giving out rattles for tomorrow's match.

    MJ - Keith Richards knows all about coconuts. The fellow above writes poetry and purple prose.

  4. Will the players be paid less than 20 quid this week?

  5. Don't get me started. What about Heysel?
    And as for that 2 minutes silence lark ...what about those who died at Hastings in 1066?

  6. Tim - The supporters won't only be paying their respects.

    Kaz - Ex-Man Utd players have just performed a very moving poem on Sky. Most of them weren't born in 58. Man Utd are lining up 1 to 11 in their retro kit. Their foreign players have had a real education this last week about United's proud history and especially about Munich. They keep fucking going on about this 1 to 11 bollocks. I'm going to throw a brick at the telly in a minute.

  7. it was as a direct result of the crash that the air accident boffins realised what a disastrous effect slush could have on decelerating an aircraft on take off. It probably saved more lives than it took in the end - probably, but it didn't help MUFC win today did it. That was probably all you negative vibes, or the brick.

  8. I didn't want them to lose, I wanted a fairy tale ending. But I suppose that wasn't going to happen without Rooney in the number 10 shirt.