Friday, February 29, 2008

Get Thee To Butlins

The bankers are on the train, agreeing how it's "unfair on parents" that travel companies put prices up in the school holidays.

Never heard of supply and demand, dickheads?

One of the poor sausages had to pay £4,000 for his family's two week August holiday. In June it would only have cost £2,000.

£4,000? Where are they going? The fucking Moon?


  1. You should have leaned over and said "Are you going to the Moon? Careful you don't disappear in the direction of Uranus!"

  2. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Yah, that's only £999 per person. Of course, they could easily afford it if not for the school fees.

  3. Unfair for teachers, perhaps; and certainly unfortunate for those of us not saddled with bairns who have to endure travelling with theirs during 'school holidays'. Harrumph.

  4. Ooh don't get me started Geoff...too late...what really gets me is parents who complain about the shocking cost of childcare, as though the people who are looking after their kids should be grateful for the work & either doing it for nothing or paying THEM for the privilege!

  5. Murph - They were on their way to their planet, Work. Their workmates are 99% of their conversation.

    Bob - And it's probably not the only holiday. There's skiing for the eldest and Lapland for the youngest.

    Arabella - And I'm sure teachers would appreciate a few weeks away from other people's kids.

    Beth - Luckily I don't know any parents like that or I'd have to kill them.

  6. I distinctly remember 'the last holiday before H started school'. It was bliss - because we went before the kids broke up from school! A cottage in Padstow - it was lovely. Now he is at school we don't go on holidays properly ie: drag your child to Gatwick at 3am for a Monarch package to somewhere that looks like home. We go camping and try to avoid everyone else. The only down side is that previously we might decide to stay longer - now we can't because we have to 'go back to school'.

  7. geoff, you are a lucky man. I sit in an office with one.

  8. Romo - Maybe £4,000 buys you your own island for a couple of weeks. Camping sounds like the best way to get away from the mania. It sorts the men from the boys, too.

    Beth - You have my condolences.