Monday, February 11, 2008

A Digital Experience

Today we went to the cinema for the first time in two years, encouraged by all those good reviews for the Coen Brothers' latest, No Country For Old Men.

We go to see Coen Brothers films at the cinema. They're always worth seeing once, if no more. We haven't got any DVDs of their films and we won't be getting this one.

Don't get me wrong, it's well worth seeing. It looks good, it's got lots of tension, plenty of humour, some great performances and...

Well, that's about it really. We've seen it, it's filed to memory, somewhere.

Probably worth an Oscar or two but that's not saying a great deal in an age of shite English language films. (The previews of the forthcoming attractions at the cinema confirmed my prejudices).

We're going again in a few days to see the latest film featuring Daniel Day Lewis, There Will Be Blood. We always see films with Daniel in as he's a modern day acting giant.

Let's hope the film does him at least a modicum of justice.


  1. Every time I try to type "Xavier Bardem"
    (brushing myself down)
    I faint.
    He's that gorgeous, even in this film with that hair.

  2. I can't say I fancy this latest Daniel very much (I just had enough of Westerns as a kid).
    But I loved him him in 'The Age of Innocence' with Michelle .... and did you see his earrings at the BAFTAs?
    Cool eh?

  3. First time I really paid DDL any attention as an actor was when he played Bill the Butcher. I'm going to see his new one, even if it's a western.

    Word Verification (I kid you not):

  4. I'm going to see it western or not as he is a damn fine actor.

  5. and I loved the way he snogged his wife before he collected his BAFTA last night.

  6. Arabella - That's the first time I've seen him and think he looked better than the Eddie Pillar look he has on his Wikipedia page. He made an excellent psychopath.

    Kaz - I didn't see the BAFTAS but I do love a western. As Scorcese said: musicals, westerns and gangster movies are the meat and potatoes of American cinema.

    Istvanski - He's come a long way since My Beautiful Launderette. He's very OTT but in a good way.

    Romo - Snogging his wife in public? See, OTT in a good way!

  7. Woody Harrelson was in it wasn't he - has he loosened up a bit now?

  8. I always thought he was typecast by Cheers.

    I've seen nothing to change my opinion.

  9. I want to have one of those air-hammers to use on canvassers at my doorstep...and I might even grow my hair like Bardems..I had that exact style back in Grage 7!

    "Could you just hold still for one minute?"

  10. Good, aren't they?